Solar Cleaning

We clean solar panels in Rutland, Cottesmore, Uppingham, Oakham, Stamford, Caldecott, Seaton, Whitwell, Empingham, Hambleton, Lyddington, Ketton, Edith Weston, Wothorpe, Burghley, Greetham, Wing, Ashwell, Grantham, Buckminster, Peterborough and everywhere in between.

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How often should solar panels be cleaned?

Cleaning frequency can vary a lot in different locations – if you live in the countryside away from road pollution you may only need annual cleaning. In other areas cleaning every 6 months may be essential to keep panels operating at peak efficiency. We are happy to advise on what schedule will be best for your individual needs.

Solar Panel Cleaning

Is your solar array performing at maximum efficiency?

Despite some manufacturers claims, rain on its own simply is not enough to keep your solar panels clean. Airborne dust, dirt and traffic grime adhere to the surface and obscure some of the suns power – reducing the panel efficiency and your benefit from your investment.

Cleaning without ladders

With our HOT pure water cleaning system we can reach up to 60′ high – that means that most solar installations on 2 story houses are within our reach without using ladders. In fact – we’ve never yet been asked to clean any that we were unable to reach!


solar panel cleaning

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